Reynald Bourque and Marc-Antonin Hennebert (Montreal): The Transformation of International Trade Unionism in the Era of Globalization. Mounting consumer debt cripples Americans and prevents America's economic recovery — how did we dig ourselves into that hole? It began when debts became a marketable commodity. A review of Famous Figures and Diagrams in Economics. Jeff Madrick on the 10 worst economic ideas of 2011. Goodbye "shop til you drop" mentality: A renegade band of economists call for "degrowth" economy. A review of Pricing the Future: Finance, Physics, and the 300-Year Journey to the Black-Scholes Equation by George Szpiro. Elliot Spitzer on how small shareholders, pension funds, and mutual funds can stop corporate America’s worst behavior and ignite a political movement. Living by default: James Surowiecki on the difference between American Airlines’ debt and yours. From Cracked, a look at 5 jobs everyone in the world should have at some point; and a look at 6 things movies love to get wrong about the workplace.