A new issue of Variant is out. From Seed, Steven Pinker on vocabulary and war. Free, white and twenty-one: Robert Paul Wolff on the real origin of the grievance that motivates so large a segment of the Republican electorate today. Quite contrary: The associates of the Institute of Ideas certainly have a talent for getting noticed, but is there more to them than hollow liberal-baiting? From Public Eye, a special issue on the 30th anniversary of Political Research Associates. From HBR, a look at the 50 Most Influential Management Gurus; and Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer on why management ideas matter. From Jacobin, Peter Frase on four futures: Logical combinations of the two oppositions resource abundance vs. scarcity and egalitarianism vs. hierarchy. Here is the latest issue of World War 4 Report. Taxing the 1%: Why the top tax rate could be over 80%. Did Gingrich's win break the rules? His win in South Carolina alone is not enough to be paradigm-breaking, but if he follows it with a win in Florida, all bets are off. Tucker Max gives up the game: What happens when a bestselling player stops playing?