Alberto Alemanno (HEC Paris): Nudging Smokers: The Behavioural Turn of Tobacco Risk Regulation. From Situations, a special issue on cinema, globalization and uneven development. From The Awl, when exactly did it get cool to be a geek? An interview with Mark Sisson on the paleo/primal lifestyle. David Ropeik on the irrational risk of thinking we can be rational about risk. The politics of shit and semen: From gay marriage to Occupy, why is it that ideological disagreements are so often expressed as revulsion? A Hipstamatic Moment: Kodak is bankrupt, but we still crave the instant nostalgia that was once the company’s hallmark. A review of Society Against Itself: Political Correctness and Organizational Self-Destruction by Howard S. Schwartz. Energetic Libertarian Nuts sounds like a diabetes-inducing breakfast cereal — the mascot should a mischievous leprechaun, but instead of charms, the sugar would be in the shape of gold coins; each box would contain one of twelve Ron Paul miniatures. There is never, and cannot ever be, peak wingnut — this is just the beginning.