A new issue of Triple Canopy is out. Ami E. Stearns and Thomas J. Burns (Oklahoma): About the Human Condition in the Works of Dickens and Marx. Ronald J. Colombo (Hofstra): The Corporation as a Tocquevillian Association. From Forward, does education fuel anti-Semitism? German study says Holocaust Studies may increase hatred; and Daniel Jonah Goldhagen on the other denied genocides: From Turkey to Guatemala, nations deny worst crimes. If pennies and nickels are largely useless, why does the U.S. Mint continue to manufacture them?: An excerpt from The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers — and the Coming Cashless Society by David Wolman. Justice on the High Seas: The Supreme Court says corporations have a right to free speech — but can they get away with murder? Death by Treacle: Sentiment surfaces fast and runs hot in public life, dumbing it down and crippling intimacy in private life. What do fact-checkers and anesthesiologists have in common? Understanding why some people choose professions where accomplishments go unheralded.