From the International Journal of Business and Social Science, Mary L. Rucker and Theresa I. Myadze (Wright State): Obama, the Obstructionist 112th U.S. Congress and Tea Party Adamantine: A Political Spectacle. From The Washington Monthly, a cover story on the Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama: He's gotten more done in three years than any president in decades — too bad the American public still thinks he hasn't accomplished anything; a look at Obama's top 50 accomplishments; and Paul Glastris on Clinton's third term. Joshua Green on Barack Obama, "Greatest Gun Salesman in America". Southern voters speculate why Barack Obama won in 2008. Michael Sean Winters on how the ghost of Jerry Falwell conquered the Republican Party. After Harvard, young Mitt Romney rose rapidly in the Mormon Church and made a fortune at Bain Capital; Michael Kranish and Scott Helman report on the collateral damage. If you like painful idiocy, you can watch Ted Nugent discuss politics. From Suite 101, an article on Lyndon LaRouche and the fringe politics of America.