A new issue of Policy Options is out. A new issue of Inroads is out. A new issue of 49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies is out. Governor General David Johnston possesses impeccable credentials and old-fashioned charm — plus he is the government’s secret weapon in restoring the power of the monarchy. Last May, Jack Layton led the NDP to the greatest victory in party history; now that he’s gone, will the party be able to maintain its momentum? Sorry, an Order of Canada for Alberta's Ralph Klein is not appropriate. Is Canada becoming a jingoistic petro-state? Magazines' newsstand slide smaller in Canada but that may be good news for U.S. publishers. From Ryerson Review of Journalism, a special section on covering the Canadian North. Unlawful Separation: What’s a Freeman-on-the-Land? Randy Fred thought that life after residential school would be drinking, watching TV and dying — instead, he became the "greatest blind Indian publisher in the world". What's the most Canadian dish? An interview with Dorothy Duncan, author of Canadians at Table: A Culinary History of Canada. Rise of the ethnic aisle: The rise of mainstream ethnic food in grocery stores says a lot about the country.