From the Journal of Social Research and Policy, a special issue on migration and happiness. Roger Roots (FPI): Who Benefits from Terrorism? The Common Interests of Terrorists and Governments of Terrorized Societies. From New Left Project, is porn hijacking our sexuality? Richard Hansen on why Washington can’t be fixed — and is about to get a lot worse. A review of Why Beer Matters by Evan Rail. World War 3.0: Looking toward a year-end negotiation in Dubai, where 193 nations will gather to revise a U.N. treaty concerning the Internet, Michael Joseph Gross lays out the stakes in a conflict that could split the virtual world as we know it. Obama and Romney are debating policies and ideas — if you are willing to look. Colin McGuire writes in defense of David Simon and the legacy of The Wire. Rachel Maddow, America's leading lefty wonk, has seen the enemy, and it's not just the GOP — it's the battles she fights every day with herself. Joshua Mackin on the democratic pleasures of the NYC Health Department rating system. Chris Mooney reviews Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power by Steve Coll (and more and more and more).