Anca Gheaus (Erasmus): Gender Justice. Rebecca Hazleden (ACU): Dragon-slayers and Jealous Rats: The Gendered Self in Contemporary Self-help Manuals. Elizabeth D. Peturson, Kenneth M. Cramer, and Chantal M. Pomerleau (Windsor): Attributional Errors and Gender Stereotypes: Perceptions of Male and Female Experts on Sex-Typed Material. Hillevi Ganetz (Stockholm): Fame Factory: Performing Gender and Sexuality in Talent Reality Television. Testosterone on my mind and in my brain: An interview with Simon Baron-Cohen. As Feminist Review celebrates its 100th issue, Mary Evans assesses its lasting contribution to academic debate. A wide range of writers — including Lori Gottlieb, Hanna Rosin, Andrew Cohen, Kate Bolick — debate Anne-Marie Slaughter's Atlantic cover story on the myth of work-life balance. An increasingly vocal men's movement argues that anti-male discrimination is rife; who are the activists and what do they want? When it comes to negotiating a deal, “males more readily justify moral misconduct by minimizing its consequences or otherwise excusing it”. A look at how gender discrimination is sometimes good.