From Analecta Hermeneutica, a special issue on Transcendence and Immanence. Herbert J. Hovenkamp (Iowa): The Classical American State and the Regulation of Morals. Justin Desautels-Stein (Colorado): The Market as a Legal Concept. Steve Thorngate on the wrong debate: It’s not about the size of government. From the New York Review of Magazines, new editor Hugo Lindgren shakes things up at the New York Times Magazine; and as Ed Koren celebrates fifty years of cartooning for the New Yorker, he tells Alex Contratto how he got his start, why a cartoonist should keep his day job and what makes a drawing endure. Barrier Methods: Rob Boston on the Church’s ceaseless opposition to birth control. Banking on the poor: How one man’s efforts to help his village neighbors evolved into a global corporate market — with unintended consequences.