James L. Gibson (WUSTL): Public Reverence for the United States Supreme Court: Is the Court Invincible? Judith Resnik (Yale): Building the Federal Judiciary (Literally and Legally): The Monuments of Chief Justices Taft, Warren, and Rehnquist. Constitutional conventions: Adrian Vermeule reviews The Power of Precedent by Michael J. Gerhardt. Simon Lazarus on the conservative legal stars who presaged John Roberts' health care decision. Richard A. Epstein on where Chief Justice Roberts tripped himself up in the health care decision (and more by John Yoo). Robin L. West on Justice Roberts’ America. Herman Schwartz on how the Supreme Court came to embrace strip searches for trivial offenses. Is the Supreme Court un-American? Jeff Nilsson investigates. A review of Constitutional Redemption: Political Faith in an Unjust World by Jack M. Balkin. Grand Prize: Presidents hold power for only a few years, but their judicial appointments shape the country for decades. SCOTUS Spotting: Adam Cohen on how the next president could change the Supreme Court.