Jorge Luis Borges in Buenos Aires

The love that dare not write its name? Alex Ross examines how multiple versions of The Picture of Dorian Gray “show Wilde deciding, sentence by sentence, just how far he would go” in his depiction of homosexual love.

Exciting news for literary procrastinators: Borges’s 1967-1968 Harvard Norton lectures are now available online. Nearly completely blind at the time—he could only see yellow, “the color of the tiger”—Borges delivered the talks (which were nominally about poetry, generally about literature, translation and memory) without the assistance of aide-mémoires.

A letter attributed to Lord Byron in the National Historical Park Museum in Morristown, New Jersey, has turned out to be a fake. “As for the contents, they seemed too good to be true, and more ‘Byronic’ than Byron himself,” the researcher who uncovered the forgery told museum curators.

Tao Lin claims that his drawing of a whale-sized Xanax was rejected by the New Yorker.

A Dutch typographer has developed a font for dyslexics.