Letter from an Unknown Woman

“Poverty is poverty and it sucks and it sucks so much more when you have a child. There is no romance in getting up at 5 am to write your poems and coming home at night when the young boys are just going out to their bars.” Sandra Simmons writes about the challenges of being a “poor poetry mother.”

In April, Sarabande Books plans to publish a new chapbook by Lydia Davis titled The Cows, which reprints a story that first appeared in the journal Electric Literature. This news reminded us of Donna K’s excellent, strange video, which riffs on a single Lydia Davis sentence: “Does she prefer the company of that cow, or does she prefer that corner, or is it more complicated.”

At the Millions, Sonya Chung considers writers who “who dare to leap the imaginative chasm of gender.”

The New York Times is increasing its online coverage of children’s books.

If you’re looking for us tonight, we’ll be at the Philoctetes Center for a screening of Max Ophuls’s Letter from an Unknown Woman, which will be introduced by Tom McCarthy, the author of C and the founder of the General Secretary of the International Necronautical Society. Tomorrow, Feb 26, we’ll be at the launch party for Washington Square, which will feature readings by Adam Wilson and Timothy Donnelly, who has written, among many other great things, a poem about the Patriot Act that incorporates lyrics from Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.” For real!