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John Cook joins Business Insider; A Marlon James–inspired dinner

John Cook

Bustle Digital has bought The Outline, Recode reports. Bustle founder Bryan Goldberg first met with Outline founder Josh Topolsky last fall. “I went into the conversation with high skepticism — ‘Okay, let’s hear this bullshit,’” Toplosky said. “I did not go into the room expecting for us to hit it off.” Topolsky says that he will continue to run the website and that his current staff will join him.

Former Gawker executive editor John Cook is joining Business Insider as investigations editor.

The Marshall Project has launched a print publication. News Inside will be distributed in jails and prisons in nineteen states.

Vice Media has struck a deal to settle its gender pay gap lawsuit. The company will pay $1.875 million to the women involved in the class action lawsuit.

Drew Broussard reports from a Williamsburg dinner inspired by Marlon James’s Black Leopard, Red Wolf. “‘Lemongrass, fish, and blood,’ our menu/bookmarks say—but what does that mean?” he asks of a soup served at the beginning of the evening. “Are we to dash this leaf full of reddish liquid into the soup? Am I actually tasting the iron tang of blood or is that just a confirmation bias? Does it really matter?”