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Lauren Elkin working on new book; Jason Rezaian on torture

Lauren Elkin. Photo: Marianne Katser

Sarah Hughes looks at the ways that #MeToo is showing up in fiction.

“Many critics can only process fantasy as a commentary on the now,” Marlon James tells The Guardian. “Do you review Wolf Hall looking for modern-day parallels? Well if you do, then that’s on you. There are other things to be said about humanity than the contemporary experience.”

At the New York Times Book Review, Gal Beckerman advocates for “the value of invisibility and silence” in our busy, noisy world through two new books: Akiko Busch’s How to Disappear and Jane Brox’s Silence. “Coming upon them was like finding the Advil bottle in the medicine cabinet after stumbling about with a headache for a long time,” she writes. “They demand patience from addled minds primed to see such subject matter as a result of subtraction, the blank pages between chapters.”