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"The Las Vegas Review-Journal" editor quits

Ben Lerner

Just two weeks after Sheldon Adelson bought The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the editor, Michael Hengel, has resigned. Hengel told a reporter, “I think my resignation probably comes as a relief to the new owners.”

While you’re waiting for Hilary Mantel to finish her third Thomas Cromwell novel, this new short story from the London Review of Books should tide you over.

Flavorwire’s Jonathon Sturgeon rounds up the best literary criticism of 2015, including more than a few of our favorites: Dayna Tortorici on Elena Ferrante from n+1, Christian Lorentzen on Jonathan Franzen from New York magazine, an ensemble cast of critics on Lolita in the New Republic, and Ben Lerner on poetry from the LRB.

And if you’re not convinced by Ben Lerner’s assertion that all poems are essentially failures (or if you’re looking for more evidence that he’s right), the New York Times has a round-up of favorite poems from the likes of Ta-Nehisi Coates, Elizabeth Kolbert, Donna Tartt, and John Waters. 

Clover Hope writes about the rise of the gushing celebrity profile: “As we found out this year, the fan-on-celebrity profile is difficult to execute in a way that feels meaningful to anyone outside that fandom: more often it feels evasive, soft, full of fluff quotes, empty commentary, uncritical drooling.”