Getting away from the past

Nehaluddin Ahmad (Multimedia): Sati Tradition — Widow Burning in India: A Socio-legal Examination. A review of Eloquence and Reason: Creating a First Amendment Culture by Robert L. Tsai. A review of Power Rules: How Common Sense Can Rescue American Foreign Policy by Leslie H. Gelb (and more and an interview). A review of Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places by Paul Collier (and more and more). From Forward, a review of The Jews as a Chosen People by S. Leyla Gurkan; The Chosen: The History of an Idea, the Anatomy of an Obsession by Avi Beker; and Who Are the Real Chosen People? by Reuven Firestone. Rise of the New Yiddishists: Thirty years ago the American Jewish fiction of Philip Roth and Saul Bellow was all about Yiddish insults, blonde shiksas, and getting away from the past; today’s talented crop of young Jewish writers, such as Nathan Englander, Michael Chabon, and Dara Horn, are weaving tales bound in a newfound ethnic pride that has revitalized Jewish literature in America. A review of How God Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman. The Last Experiment: It’s up to social science to make us act in an environmentally conscious way, but can we trick ourselves into saving ourselves