A new issue of The Washington Diplomat is out. From Hilobrow, is there an art to surveillance, an art hidden, as befits the territory; lurking in limbo until it is suspected, detected and released? From Jacobin, from Blackbeard to Kim Dotcom, has piracy been a radical force? Gavin Mueller investigates. Michael Finkel on the quiet hell of extreme meditation: A journey into and beyond the challenges of total silence. Rafael Melo on why he’s not a Buddhist (and part 2). A new study finds clients want real love from sex workers. How and why do myths arise? Robert Segal explains. The evolution of depression: Sierra Bellows on how depression might — or might not — be a biological adaptation. Career antics: Julia Braun Kessler on anthropologists, aging, and a crack at the celebrity circuit. Sabine Heinlein on the changing face of Park 51. Stephanie Caldwell on the rise and fall of the daytime soap. We don’t need no stinking warrant: David Kravets on the disturbing, unchecked rise of the administrative subpoena. Monopolies for monks: A schismatic monastery sues an Orthodox archbishop over copyrighted religious texts.