A new issue of the IMF’s Finance and Development is out. From Crooked Timber, how would open borders affect the well-being of the world’s population? Chris Bertram on open borders, wages, and economists (and part 2). From Doublethink, Jarrett Skorup on Norman Borlaug, the American who fed the world. James North on a huge victory for global justice: With a new SEC regulation, no longer will big oil and mining companies be able to hide under-the-table payments to crooked Third World governments. Joe Berkowitz on the (intentionally) saddest Pinterest page in the world: UNICEF creates a page for Ami Musa, a young girl from Sierra Leone, to bring her “pinnable” interests and ours into sharp relief. Onward Christian Workers: Marvin Olasky on biblical worldview teaching as the link, often missing, between evangelism and economic development. Must the poor go hungry just so the rich can drive? Sports stars like Mo Farah at No 10 will not change a simple fact — people are starving because of the west's thirst for biofuels. Carmaggedon is coming: As Brazil, China and India grow, cars follow — and so does traffic; are we doomed to nightmare commutes? A review of Representations of Global Poverty: Aid, Development and International NGOs by Nandita Dogra.