From Lapham’s Quarterly, a special issue on politics. Don't be so impatient: The current stalemate in Washington is, for the most part, the result of a divided electorate and that there is nothing that can or should be done about this aside from reforming the Senate filibuster. Who owns antiquity? Two U.S. museums wrestle with the provenance question. The ugly values of beautiful people: New Israeli research suggests attractive people are more likely to have conformist and self-centered values. Alex Tabarrok on patent policy on the back of a napkin. Starting this fall, NASA will begin flying Global Hawk UAVs over the tops of swirling hurricanes and on data-gathering missions to where these storms get their start. Slavery wasn't so bad, says a book published by an Oregon Republican running for Congress. Jeffrey Marlow on why exploration deserves a holiday. The wolf is waiting: Imperceptibly and without warning, your pulse accelerates, your mind races, and panic grips your body — for anxiety attack sufferers, every day is a case in survival. Does the sex debate exclude men? Sex is everywhere in modern society — but why are women doing all the talking about it, asks Sarah Dunant.