A new issue of Fare Forward is out. George K. Yin (Virginia): James Couzens, Andrew Mellon, the “Greatest Tax Suit in the History of the World”, and Creation of the Joint Committee on Taxation and Its Staff. Reasons matter (when intuitions don’t object): Gary Gutting, Michael P. Lynch and Jonathan Haidt debate The Righteous Mind (and more). Because of the cost disease, it is inevitable that the cost of things such as health care or a college education will rise faster than everything else. From Otherkin to Transethnicity: Your field guide to the weird world of Tumblr identity politics. The patent, mighty as a sword: Alongside the impressive technological advances of the last two decades, software patents started to be used as destructive weapons, stifling competition. More than a trillion dollars in cash and short-term investments sits in offshore holding companies, awaiting a repatriation tax holiday; in the meantime, tax professionals spin out ways to manipulate the system. Tragedy's decline and fall: Jenny Diski on how tragedy evolved from Oedipus to Kim Kardashian’s cellulite and Amy Winehouse’s struggles.