Ittay Nissan-Rozen (HUJ): Doing the Best One Can: A New Justification for the Use of Lotteries. From FDL, a book salon on Don’t Buy It: The Trouble With Talking Nonsense About the Economy by Anat Shenker Ororio. Lach De Crespigny and Julian Savulescu on the continuing tragedies of home birth and the rights of the future child. How do we care for future people? J. Hughes on Buddhist and Jain ideas for reproductive ethics (and part 2 and part 3). How to buy a daughter: Choosing the sex of your baby has become a multimillion-dollar industry. Tigers need tourist traps: Ralf Buckley on how the best protection many endangered species have is tourism dollars. Dave Zirin on the lockout lawyers destroying sports. When its banks failed, Sweden made a miraculous turnaround — could the U.S. imitate it? Jennifer Miller reviews A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving by Eugene Bardach. David Callahan on why Obama should raise taxes on the middle class. Meet the real Sons of Anarchy, an anti-fascist motorcycle club in Athens, Greece, patrols the community, fighting neo-Nazis who attack immigrants.