A new issue of Inside Indonesia is out. From Japan Focus, Mark Selden (Binghamton): Economic Nationalism and Regionalism in Contemporary East Asia. Min Zin (UC-Berkeley) and Brian Joseph (NED): The Opening in Burma: The Democrats' Opportunity. From Solutions, John Richardson and Elizabeth Ong on the improbable resilience of Singapore. The government of Indonesia has responded to UN recommendations to recognize the rights of its indigenous peoples by claiming that none live in Indonesia. Kent Deng reviews Governance in Pacific Asia: Political Economy and Development from Japan to Burma by Peter Ferdinand. Vanishing stocks from dynamite fishing and cyanide threatens centuries-old culture of Sulawesi's gypsy sea people. One of the most persecuted minorities in the world: There has been an escalation in violence against the Muslim Rohinghya people since Burma began its process of democratisation. The world's silliest territorial dispute: Why are China and Japan threatening to go to war over a few uninhabited islands in the East China Sea? All the ingredients for genocide: is West Papua the next East Timor? As Myanmar opens to world, the fate of its forests is on the line.