A new issue of Cryonics is out. Timothy Sandefur (PLF): So It's a Tax, Now What? Some of the Problems Remaining after NFIB v. Sebelius. From Swans, a special issue on Perspectives: A review of 2012 (and predicitions for 2013). From Chicago, four-star dining, luxury cars, European getaways: An exclusive investigation reveals how Illinois politicians are living large on their campaigns’ dime. What you might call the ideology of “come togetherism” is, ironically, one of the big reasons that nothing in Washington ever seems to get solved and that the two sides never seem to come together. To mark the 200th year since the Brothers Grimm first published their Kinder-und Hausmarchen, Jack Zipes explores the importance of this neglected first edition and what it tells us about the motives and passions of the two folklorist brothers. On essays and letters: James V. Schall on the real charm of Oxford. Next City will unrolls short profiles of 77 people, places and ideas that have changed cities this year. So what is an asshole, exactly? How is he (and assholes are almost always men) distinct from other types of social malefactors? The Talking Points Memo’s Golden Dukes winners are announced.