Shima Baradaran (BYU): The Presumption of Punishment. R. A. Duff (Minnesota): Who Must Presume Whom to Be Innocent of What? Adil Ahmad Haque (Rutgers): Retributivism: The Right and the Good. Vincent Chiao (Toronto): Punishment and Permissibility in the Criminal Law. John F. Pfaff (Fordham): The Micro and Macro Causes of Prison Growth. Julia Kensy, Camille Stengal, Marie Nougier, and Ruth Birgin (IDPC): Drug Policy and Women: Addressing the Negative Consequences of Harmful Drug Control. Johannes Wheeldon reviews Prisons, Punishment and the Pursuit of Security by Deborah Drake. A prescription for criminal justice: Embrace errors, then fix them. American conservatives shift on mass incarceration. The sleepwalker's defense: Katherine Ramsland on automatism. Lizzie Borden took an axe: New details uncovered in New England’s most famous unsolved mystery. Seeing is believing: Eyewitness testimony is unreliable and leads to wrongful convictions — why has the judicial system not taken note? Raiding consciousness: Lewis Lapham on why the War on Drugs is a war on human nature. J. Patrick O’Connor on our broken justice system.