Michael Bang Petersen and Lene Aaroe (Aarhus): Is the Political Animal Politically Ignorant? Applying Evolutionary Psychology to the Study of Political Attitudes. John R. Chambers (Florida) and Jacob Westfall, Charles M. Judd, and Leaf Van Boven (Colorado): The Exaggeration of Political Polarization in America. L. Randall Wray (Missouri): A Meme for Money (“This paper argues that the usual framing of discussions of money, monetary policy, and fiscal policy plays into the hands of conservatives”.) What do you mean, "both sides?" Partisan polarization is still an asymmetrical phenomenon. Philip Stephens on the new prisoners of ideology: The parties of the right have forsaken centrist appeal. Research suggests conservatives can be persuaded to care more about environmental issues when couched in terms of fending off threats to “purity”. Why seemingly decent people are so divided on politics: An interview with Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. A new study on Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia shows how interaction among users proclaiming political affiliation is more cross party than previously imagined. Charles Davis on the summer camp that made him a commie.