From Jacobin, Chris Maisano on the soul of student debt: Not quite feudalism, student debt is a peculiarly capitalist form of social control; and Seth Ackerman on the Red and the Black: Profit is the motor of capitalism — what would it be under socialism? From Newtopia, Glenn Brigaldino on crumbs of capitalism for you and me. If you think we're done with neoliberalism, think again: The global application of a fraudulent economic theory brought the west to its knees — yet for those in power, it offers riches. Judgment calls and best guesses are an inevitable part of “scientific” economic forecasts — but imprecision is one thing; the systematic overestimate of the economic recovery in Europe is quite another. Emma Ferry reviews Economic Anthropology: History, Ethnography, Critique by Chris Hann and Keith Hart and Anthropology, Economics and Choice by Michael Chibnik.