From First Monday, Joseph Reagle (Northeastern): “Free as in sexist?” Free Culture and the Gender Gap; and Lin Zhang (USC): Third-person Effect and Gender in Online Gaming. From Socialist Studies, Abigail Bakan (Queen’s): Marxism, Feminism, and Epistemological Dissonance; and Adrienne Roberts (Manchester): Financial Crisis, Financial Firms and Financial Feminism? The Rise of “Transnational Business Feminism” and the Necessity of Marxist-Feminist IPE; and William K. Carroll interviews Sunera Thobani, a very public intellectual. Equal rights for women everywhere could save civilization: Humanely lowering birth rates via societal female empowerment is the key to preventing a total collapse. Lisa Wade on how most women would rather divorce than be a housewife. Dylan Matthews on why the U.S. has a lower rate of working women than Europe does. Should we care if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry call themselves feminists?