From FiveThirtyEight, is Marco Rubio the electable conservative? Nate Silver investigates. Richard Viguerie offers $10K “Liberty Prize” to anyone who helps conservatives “take over the Republican Party”. Tea Party Patriots apologizes to Karl Rove for an "absolutely unacceptable" picture that showed him wearing an SS uniform. Missouri Republican Mike Leara wants to make it a felony for his fellow lawmakers to propose gun laws. Georgia's legislature has inched ahead on a resolution endorsing the repeal of the 17th Amendment. A bill considered by Oklahoma Representatives would prevent teachers from giving a student’s paper a failing grade if it tries to disprove biological evolution or anthropogenic climate change. Conspiracy O’ The Week: Obama will declare Christians insane, put them in asylums, feed on their souls. Taegan Goddard on how Republicans are committing political malpractice.