Hans Van Kippersluis (EUR) and Titus J. Galama (RAND): Why the Rich Drink More But Smoke Less: The Impact of Wealth on Health. From Metanexus, the four dimensions in the Great Matrix of Being give us four ways of measuring reality — by time, by scale, by energy density flow, and by thresholds of emergent complexity; all phenomena can be located within this Matrix. Against political imagination: Kiel Brennan-Marquez on how there is intellectual life after Rorty, and it is not just listless afterlife (and more). The man behind the column: An interview with David Brooks. Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews James V. Schall on the pope, friendship, and why we still need Plato. Frank Jacobs on one of cartography’s most persistent myths: mapmakers of yore, frustrated by the world beyond their ken, marked the blank spaces on their maps with the legend Here be monsters.