Martin Petrin (Leicester): Reconceptualizing the Theory of the Firm: From Nature to Function. From First Things, John-Clark Levin on how Nazi analogies have their place: To banish invocations of Nazi Germany entirely is to overlook the reason why it’s so important to preserve our cultural memory of its crimes in the first place. Just the facts: Jesse Elias Spafford on how conspiracy theorists and technocrat pundits seem like opposites, but they’re closer than they may appear. If Democrats want to solve the sequester, they should move left: Rather than destroy the Republicans, Democrats need to give Republicans a reason to move to the center. Yukpa indigenous leader Cacique Sabino Romero has been brutally assassinated in Zulia, Venezuela. U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe has won a new Air Force Academy award that highlights character and leadership in public service.