Daniel F. Vukovich (Hong Kong): China as Humanist Exemplum. From the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, a special issue on the politics of ethnicity in China. From The American Conservative, Ron Unz on how Social Darwinism made modern China: A thousand years of meritocracy shaped the Middle Kingdom. Tongdong Bai reviews Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy by Stephen C. Angle. Why is “Confucian culture” so wildly successful? Income inequality on the rise in China: Although statistics are sketchy, the chasm between rich and poor seems to have widened. Is China’s Communist Party choking? Brock M. Erdahl reviews China in World History by Paul S. Ropp. A player, but no superpower: Andrew S. Erickson and Adam P. Liff on why China's military is a threat to its neighbors, but shouldn't concern the United States on its home turf.