Maurits Barendrecht, Martin Gramatikov, Robert Benjamin Porter, and Jin Ho Verdonschot (TISCO): Towards Basic Justice Care for Everyone: Challenges and Promising Approaches. Three years ago, in the Canadian Arctic, global leaders made a pivot toward austerity; in Washington this month, they seem to have moved the other direction. Great tax race: As the G20 pledges to crack down on multinational tax avoidance, the Financial Times looks at how and why governments help companies reduce their tax burden. Betsy Woodruff on the Gospel of Alex Jones: He’s an evangelist for conspiracy theology. Jonathan D. Fitzgerald on how Christianity Today’s hip-hop cover story is a contextless disaster. You’ve been co-opted, Sid and Nancy — deal with it. Jeva Lange on Cosmarxpolitan Magazine, a Tumblr for the sexy socialist inside.