Maria del Guadalupe Davidson (Oklahoma): Imagined Communities: Whitopia and the Trayvon Martin Tragedy. Mikhail Lyubansky (Illinois): Restorative Justice for Trayvon Martin. James G. Dwyer (William and Mary): Jailing Black Babies. David G. Embrick and Kasey Henricks (Loyola): Discursive Colorlines at Work: How Epithets and Stereotypes are Racially Unequal. The introduction to The Color of Our Shame: Race and Justice in Our Time by Christopher J. Lebron. Sharon J. Riley interviews Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. Martin Jr., authors of Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party (and more at Bookforum). Ta-Nehisi Coates on how the ghetto is public policy: The wealth gap is not a mistake — it is the logical outcome of policy and democratic will. Heben Nigatu on 27 things you had to deal with as the only black kid in your class.