Erin Buzuvis (Western New England): Transsexual and Intersex Athletes. Genevieve Lakier (Chicago): Sport as Speech. The Great White Hoax: How Chael Sonnen used racially coded language to tap into some dark insecurities and rise through the ranks of the UFC. Calum Mechie reviews The Outsider: A History of the Goalkeeper by Jonathan Wilson. Nothing rivets America’s attention like the fall of a superstar athlete; the recent roll of dishonor — Lance, Tiger, A-Rod, Manti Te’o, and, of course, JoePa — is a primer in the pathologies of sports heroes, sports media, and sports fans. Marci Hamilton on what universities, schools, teams, and leagues must do in the wake of the Penn State, Olympic swimming, and Poly Prep Country Day School child abuse scandals. Todd A. McFall reviews The Rise of the National Basketball Association by David George Surdam. Tyler Shipley on militarism and sports. Actually, Jason Collins isn't the first openly gay man in a major pro sport.