From Slate, farmers aren’t just white hipsters: The new magazine Modern Farmer hit newsstands last month, and, given the state of print media, that fact alone is notable. If you are looking for a new magazine that emphasizes various facets of fitness, check out Ms. Fit. Though the graveyard of journalism is littered with popular science magazines, a new one emerges, Nautilus, with the goal of being “a New Yorker version of Scientific American”. From the new online magazine The Buenos Aires Review, an interview with Junot Diaz. From the National Catholic Register, Susie Lloyd on how the new magazine Verily promotes true femininity: “the glam we love without the trash”. There was no let down in the number of new magazine introductions to the marketplace in the month of April. Andrew Losowsky in New York returns from the corner kiosk with some recent US magazines.