Thomas Nail (Denver): Deleuze, Occupy, and the Actuality of Revolution. Kathleen Cole (UCSB): Power is Everywhere: Social Inequality from Discursive Formations to Patterns of Activation. From Synthesis Philosophica, Lenart Skof (Primorska): Two Recurrences of an Idea: On Political and Ethical Vicissitudes of Democracy: Towards a Politics of Nonviolence; Betul Cotuksoken (Maltepe): Anthropontology as a New Kind of Ontology; and Ahu Tuncel (Maltepe): The Ontology of Zoon Politikon. Duane H. Davis reviews Early Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy by Leonard Lawlor. Christopher Watkin interviews Mathew Abbott, author of The Figure of This World: Agamben and the Question of Political Ontology. Nick Skiadopoulos on the Real vs Zizek. Samuel Grove interviews Colin Wright, author of Badiou in Jamaica: The Politics of Conflict.