From Liminalities, a special issue on studying ourselves and others, including Julie Cosenza (SIU): Once Upon A Time: Looking to the Ecstatic Past for Queer Futurity; and Robin M. Boylorn (Alabama): Blackgirl Blogs, Auto/ethnography, and Crunk Feminism. After catastrophe: Scholars who perceive the world as interconnected systems know that there are surely more disasters to come. When reading a review for a book with a title like How to Stay Sane, one ought to keep in mind that the proof is yet to come in. Ivar Paulo Hartmann, a journalist in Brazil, has been found guilty of discrimination against Indians, who he described as “ignorant” and “dirty”. Psychology is WEIRD: Western college students are not the best representatives of human emotion, behavior, and sexuality. The First New Atheist: 200 years after his birth, Kierkegaard’s philosophies are more relevant than ever (and more).