A new issue of Studies of Transition States and Societies is out. From Studies in Social Justice, a special issue on Justice after Violence: Critical Perspectives from the Western Balkans. From Synthesis Philosophica, a special section on philosophical trends in Southeast Europe. Tsveta Petrova on why recent converts to democracy in Eastern Europe are uniquely qualified to support transitions elsewhere. The "Natural Albania" campaign is a further attempt to put a merger with Kosovo in the political agenda. Tihomir Loza on two decades of the Balkans tribunal: In its 20 years, has the court furthered reconciliation, and was it even supposed to? When a country actually is wiped off the map: For many the decomposition of Yugoslavia into its constituent republics in the early 1990s was anything but smooth. Driving through postwar Yugoslavia was nearly impossible, but a young poet and his new wife struggled through the desolate landscape to Athens. A star pupil flunks out: Slovenia’s status as a post-communist standout was built on a shaky foundation. Europe’s new frontier: Croatia’s European Union membership offers hope for others — but does Europe really need to expand? “Refeudalisation” in the Balkans and the danger to the EU: Western Europe must beware of what the Balkan’s accession would mean for the rest of the Union.