Steven A. Samson (Liberty): Global Governance: The Ideological Kenosis of the West. Josep Colomer (Georgetown): Global Governance: Types of Goods and Institutional Rules. Gianluigi Palombella (Parma): Global Legislation and its Discontents. Alan O. Sykes (NYU): When Is International Law Useful? Johan Karlsson Schaffer (Oslo): Deliberative Democracy in Transnational Governance: Agency, Representation and Legitimacy. Giovanni Finizio (Torino): The Democratization of the United Nations. Anna Spain (Colorado): The U.N. Security Council's Duty to Decide. Dan Smith on the UN High Level Panel’s Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Millennium Development Goals. Andrea O Suilleabhain on how small states bring big ideas to the United Nations. Martin Hearson reviews Divided Nations: Why Global Governance is Failing and What We Can Do About It by Ian Goldin (and more and more). Do we need new global institutions? Ian Goldin wonders. You can download Global Democracy and its Difficulties, ed. Anthony J. Langlois and Karol Edward Soltan (2009). Mark Leon Goldberg on why Angelina Jolie means so much to the United Nations.