Michel Rosenfeld (Cardozo): Recasting Secularism as One Conception of the Good among Many in a Post-Secular Constitutional Polity. John Fisher (Ballarat): Relating with God Contributes to Variance in Happiness, over that from Personality and Age. How social conservatives won: An excerpt from The Catholic Labyrinth: Power, Apathy, and a Passion for Reform in the American Church by Peter McDonough (and more on stereotypes and realities in Catholicism). One nation, without God: Atheism can’t and won’t replace religious rituals — but that’s not what most atheists want anyway. From Relevant, Eddie Becker on 8 things he wishes Jesus had never said. A right to believe: You are entitled to believe what you will, but your beliefs must be subject to criticism and scrutiny just like mine. Steve Jones's scientific retelling of the Bible in The Serpent's Promise is lively and amusing, but it is hard to tell what audience the book is intended for. Some theological sleight-of-hand with words: An excerpt from Believing Bullshit: How Not to Get Sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole by Stephen Law. From the Socjournal, Timothy McGettigan on why God is irrelevant. Does End Time belief really cause climate change apathy? Robin Globus Veldman investigates. From Crisis, who is Bob McCarty, why should he be fired? Abraham Riesman on the curious religions of multiplayer video games.