The latest issue of IPSA’s Participation is out. Jurg Martin Gabriel (ETH-Zurich): Political Science Concept Formation (Part I): Definitions Matter; (Part II): David Easton's “Authoritative Value Allocation”; and (Part III): Different Approaches and Different Definitions. Simeon Mitropolitski (Montreal): How Much Eclectic and Opportunistic Is Modern Political Science? From Political Studies Review, a symposium on relevance and impact in political science. Robert Putnam on how political science research offers better democracy. Stephen Benedict Dyson on the political science of Battlestar Galactica. NSF cancels political-science grant cycle: US funding agency said to be dodging restrictions set by Congress. Brendan Nyhan on Craig Gilbert, the most political science-friendly reporter in America. John Sides on political science graduates as political reporters. An interview with John Sides and Lynn Vavreck on the challenges of real-time political science and the publication of The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election. The American Political Science Association is coming out with a new journal, the Journal of Experimental Political Science. Cambridge University Press is making the first issue of the European Political Science Association’s new journal Political Science Research and Methods available online ungated and for free.