Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown): Make Me Walk, Make Me Talk, Do Whatever You Please: Barbie and Exceptions. Toby Rogers (GCC): Using Prisoner's Dilemma to Evaluate Corporate Tax Reform Proposals. Mark Thoma on 5 key issues facing the next Fed chief. Brad DeLong on how Paul Volcker will not quite say what he means. Is there any point to economic analysis? Paul Krugman wonders. From The New Yorker, Sarah Stillman on the shocking injustices of civil forfeiture. From New York, a cover story on Chris Christie, and an article on Cory Booker. Nate Silver has turned number-crunching into a glamour profession; Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson talks to him. Chait vs. Costa: Is McCain savvy or unhinged? Leslie Kaufman and Christine Haugney on the last temptation of Tina Brown. Ezra Klein on why hedge funds run by idiots can do well — for awhile. Socialize Big Pharma: Maintaining a private pharmaceutical sector represents a significant public health risk — one solution is complete nationalization. Bruce Sterling on the swirling vortex of cypherpunkian dystopia that is Edward Snowden Wikileaks NSA Bradley Manning (and more by Cory Doctorow). Since when was free-loading a conservative value? Andrew Sullivan wants to know. In an allegory of the print industry at large, military exchanges are dropping close to 900 magazine titles from their newsstands to make room for products like consumer electronics. Alec MacGillis on why the Washington Post sale to Jeff Bezos is bad news.