David Golemboski (Georgetown): Pierre-Joseph Proudhon on the Social Dimensions of Labor. Lorenzo Coccoli (Rome): “Property Is (Still) Theft!”: From the Marx-Proudhon Debate to the Global Plunder of the Commons. Jonathan S. Davies (De Montfort): Just Do It Differently? Everyday Making, Marxism and the Challenge of Overcoming Neoliberalism. William Clare Roberts (McGill): Contextualizing Marx's Criticism of Commercial Society. Adaner Usmani on Marxism and "Subaltern Studies". Phil Gasper challenges the myth that Marxism has nothing useful to say about the environment — with help from the old man himself. The limits of colour-blind Marxism: David Renton reviews Militant Liverpool: A City on the Edge by Diane Frost and Peter North. A theory without a movement, a hope without a name: Justin Schwartz on the future of Marxism in a post-Marxist world. Chris Byron reviews Dialectics of Human Nature in Marx’s Philosophy by Mehmet Tabak. Here are sample chapters from Marxism and Social Movements, ed. Colin Barker, Laurence Cox, John Krinsky, and Alf Gunvald Nilsen. Marxist and feminist, and Marxist feminists rejoice: Two new open access journals have recently been launched and are now accepting submissions: Pax Marxista and Feral Feminisms. Market forces are working against college degrees in Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, where the Communist government has resorted to offering free tuition to attract students.