A new issue of Behemoth is out. Mark Newman (Stockholm): An Anthropological Perspective on the Coca-Cola Company. Marja Schuster (RKH): Hermeneutics as Embodied Existence. We may be decades away from cloning Bigfoot, but two new books on cryptozoology show that the truth is out there — Scott McLemee wants to believe. On the second annual Golden Goose Awards: John Sides on how federal funding of scientific research produces unexpected successes. From Contemporary Sociology, Ronald Weitzer reviews nine important books on sex work published since 2000. Supercomputers help solve a 50-year homework assignment: Calculation related to question of why the universe is made of matter. Is there a word for that? We have long invented language to fill gaps in our vocabulary, but not all coinages are created equal. David Rosen reviews Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power, and Public Resistance by Heidi Boghosian. Watch more, know more: Tina Bettels on TV news and foreign affairs. Reviewers on Amazon and posters on martial arts bulletin boards have long suspected that Taming the Tiger, the dramatic Christian conversion story of Tony Anthony, who claims to be a kung fu world champion, is a fake — but now an inquiry led by the Evangelical Alliance has agreed with them. Skinny jeans and cocaine: Why cocaine users tend to be skinny and why it won’t last forever.