Aurora Plomer (Sheffield): Human Dignity and Patents. Jake Linford (Florida State): Unilateral Reordering in the Reel World. Aziza Ahmed (Northeastern): “Rugged Vaginas” and “Vulnerable Rectums”: The Sexual Identity, Epidemiology, and Law of the Global HIV Epidemic. The first chapter from Running Randomized Evaluations: A Practical Guide by Rachel Glennerster and Kudzai Takavarasha. Jason Mark on Chevron’s revenge: Oil giant pursues a “scorched earth” campaign against its most dogged critic, Steven Donziger. Brad Plumer on how Republicans are winning the broader battle over discretionary spending. What happens when we define some people as more human than others? Jeremy Adam Smith interviews Susan Fiske about the new science of racism. Eve Fairbanks on the dark spot of Nelson Mandela's legacy: Is he responsible for South Africa's leadership crisis? Leon Neyfakh on donor-advised funds — where charity goes to wait: $45 billion of American philanthropic money has been given — but not received. David Lowery says Silicon Valley must be stopped, or creativity will be destroyed. Obama’s shutdown critics look like morons after budget deal: Obama's successful leadership from October brought an end to GOP hostage-taking. Tea Party loses again: NYU grad students defy obstruction in precedent-setting 98% union vote. Evan V. Symon and Matthew Kohlmorgen on 5 lost documents that shatter your image of famous people.