Andrey Shcherbak (HSE): Nationalism in the USSR: A Historical and Comparative Perspective. Beate Roessler (Amsterdam): Authenticity of Cultures and of Persons. Giulia Piccolino (Pretoria): Ultranationalism, Democracy and the Law: Insights from Cote d’Ivoire. Here are the papers from a conference on Cosmopolitan Conditions for Legitimate Sovereignty, and sample chapters from Cosmopolitanism versus Non-Cosmopolitanism: Critiques, Defenses, Reconceptualizations, ed. Gillian Brock. #RussianMarch: National holiday hijacked by nationalists. Paul R. Pillar on the age of nationalism: Nation-states, and conflicts centering on them, remain the defining features of our time. Paul Collier on how nationalism threatens racism, not war. Should countries be more like families? Roger Scruton on why democracies must learn to compromise to ensure their survival. Igor Pakovic on how Serbian nationalists disrupted Kosovo's first local elections. Should nations stay within their historical boundaries, or change as their populations do? Charles Crawford on how Kosovo is a cautionary tale. Sonia Gable and Ray Mount on identity, the new nationalist idea. Parag Khanna on the end of the nation-state. Neil Irwin on how nationalism makes for bad economics, ECB edition. The introduction to The Kanak Awakening: The Rise of Nationalism in New Caledonia by David Chappell.