From Surveillance and Society, a special issue on Surveillance Texts and Textualism: Truthtelling and Trustmaking in an Uncertain World. Cass Sunstein, a key member of the panel advising Obama about NSA surveillance reform, says Uncle Sam needs to get out of the metadata-storage business. From NYRB, Alice E. Marwick on how your data are being deeply mined. Erik Wemple on MSNBC all day long: Lefty volunteerism, reporting, fluff. George Scialabba reviews Selected Essays of Jean-Paul Sartre, ed. Ronald Aronson and Adrian van den Hoven. Philosophical differences: Volker Hage on the falling-out of Camus and Sartre. Andy Martin on the FBI files on being and nothingness: From 1945 onwards, J Edgar Hoover’s FBI spied on Camus and Sartre — the investigation soon turned into a philosophical inquiry. Is male circumcision a form of genital mutilation? Nadja Sayej wonders. Zach Ford on how Utah federal judge Robert Shelby adeptly dismantled all of the arguments against marriage equality. Alex Pareene on the Presidential Hack List: The POTUS doesn't just love newspaper columnists, he has terrible taste in them — here they are, in order of badness. Nicole Flatow on ten travesties of justice in 2013. Rightbloggers prove they're no sissies by supporting Duck Dynasty, beating up Pajama Boy. “Free speech hypocrites”: Just admit it — your view on items like free speech or the filibuster depends on whatever policy position's at stake.