A new issue of Postmodern Openings is out. From Common-place, Lara Langer Cohen (Swarthmore): "The Emancipation of Boyhood": Postbellum Teenage Subculture and the Amateur Press; and sex, patriarchy, and the liberal state: Katie Hemphill reviews Taming Passion for the Public Good: Policing Sex in the Early Republic by Mark E. Kann. Charles Davis on the exploited laborers of the liberal media. Felix Salmon on how the NYT neglects business journalism and on the evolution of Bloomberg News. Hell Week isn’t designed to kill you — it’s designed to make you wish you were dead, or at least to push you to the edge of physical and mental endurance to see how you react. What will NASA be doing with its new quantum computer? Jia Lynn Yang on the things that transparency advocates would like to see America's biggest companies disclose. Capitalism is a “dirty word”: Josh Eidelson interviews Kshama Sawant, America’s new socialist councilmember. Tim Murphy on America’s newest culture war: Football. Alice Robb on how the Red Solo cup became a political football. Could these redesigned state flags bring America together? Kyle Vanhemert wonders. Simon Winchester on his book, The Men Who United the States.