From Salon, one liberal, three GOP strongholds: Eric Lutz on what a drive through Ryan and Bachmann country says about America right now; and Paul Rosenberg on how to beat GOP on inequality: Key reforms that don’t involve Congress. Don’t call it a class war: A top Democrat is ready to go on offense over economic inequality, if not to speak those words — “there’s no way [the GOP] can sort of escape it”. Michael Lind on how to beat libertarians on the economy: While the right is united economically behind one main agenda, the left lacks such a consensus — here's the solution. Have hope — conservatives rationalize Leftist stuff they like: The Alaska Permanent Fund (APF), it is the most socialist government program in the country, but it earns conservative acclaim. Why the Left sucks at trolling: Alan Grayson trash-talks as well as a tea-party Republican, but his progressive colleagues would rather take a high road (and sit on the sideline). There won’t be a liberal Rush: Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj on the economics of conservative media. Beck is back: Chris Lehmann on what Glenn Beck and Malcolm Gladwell have in common. Michele Bachmann as William F. Buckley’s spawn: Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj on how right-wing media spiraled out of control. Why can't Democrats be more like Rick Santorum? Molly Ball on th battle within the Democratic Party: A schism between moderates and liberals over economic inequality is the first front in defining a post-Obama platform.