Richard Bellamy (UCL): The Theories and Practices of Citizenship. Eric Gordon and Jessica Baldwin-Philippi (Emerson) and Martina Balestra (Cornell): Why We Engage: How Theories of Human Behavior Contribute to Our Understanding of Civic Engagement in a Digital Era. Susan A. Bandes (DePaul): Emotion and Deliberation: The Autonomous Citizen in the Social World. Ambrose Kessy (Dar Es Salaam): Decentralization and Citizens' Participation: Some Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives. Ian Reilly (Concordia) and Megan Boler (Toronto): The Rally to Restore Sanity, Pre-politicization, and the Future of Politics. From the Journal of Public Deliberation, a symposium on New Ideas on Public Deliberation from Young Scholars, including Jeffrey C. Swift (NCSU): The People’s Lobby: A Model for Online Activist Deliberation; and Timothy J. Shaffer reviews We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: The Promise of Civic Renewal in America by Peter Levine. Trench democracy: Albert W. Dzur on participatory innovation in unlikely places. Josh Tauberer believed the government should just give him the data he needed to create GovTrack, his website to help people follow the progress of Congressional legislation — when the powers-that-be said No, he went out and got it anyway. Why not "opt out" of government control? From bootlegging to working off the books, we've done it many times before, and it's getting ever-easier to exit the system. Feral politics: Matthew Flinders on searching for meaning in the 21st century.